Episode 11

Audio Blasting (w/ Seth Morris and Erin Whitehead)

This week we're joined by super improv talents Seth Morris and Erin White who host their own podcast called College Town in the Comedy Bang Bang World. We chat'n'prov about side hustles, appropriate work anxiety relief, and audio pornography.

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Listen to Seth Morris on Bob Ducca here.

See Dinasour at Largo


Seth Morris (@sethismorris)

Erin Whitehead (@girlwithatail)

Tim Lyons (@TimLyons)

Dan White (@atdanwhite)

Damian Anaya (@DamianAnaya)

About the Podcast

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Improv is Dead
An Immersive Improv Comedy Podcast Hosted by Dan White, Damian Anaya, and Tim Lyons

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Dan White

Dan is a comedy writer/performer based in Chicago. His work has been featured on NBC, FOX, ABC, Vulture, the Huffington Post, Deadspin, and the Daily Mail.
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Tim Lyons

Tim Lyons is an actor and comedian based in Los Angeles. You can see him do his thing on Fox's The Big Leap on Hulu.
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Damian Anaya

Damian is a comedian/writer/actor/improviser based in Chicago. You can catch him improvise in-person at various comedy theaters around the city including, but not limited to, iO Chicago in "Your Fucked Up Relationship" on Fridays, and The Annoyance in "Sight Unseen" on Thursdays.

Follow him for his bi-monthly tweet on twitter at @DamianAnaya